Goddamn Resilient

Editor's Note: This piece was created during a Citizen-inspired writing session at this summer's Shade exhibit at the Clyfford Still and Denver Art Museums. 

By Michael Sindler

I will not be washed away.

I will not be broken.

There is no wind strong enough,

nor can all the water in the ocean 

take away the memory and life

of this, my crescent jewel.

Anyone who bets against me 

is nothing but a fool.

Cultures blend in this delta

and flow outward like the water

to fertilize the entire globe

from this, my maze-like quarters.

The music beating in my veins

that trumpets through the streets

is stronger than mere rains and tides-

with it's triumphant beat

my wards full of survivors

will patch me back together.

I'm the Spirit of New Orleans

and there's nothing I can't weather.