My Grandmother’s Kitchen

By Hayley Kritchels 

Its a long thin room with the working oven on the left and a dining area on the right.  The kitchen cabinets are well polished, medium brown wood.  There’s one strip of pink floral wallpaper running across the middle of the wall.  I peeled a section off when I was 3, but they fixed it.  Next to the fridge is a small table with a blue plasticky tablecloth, above it, the highlight of the kitchen: a large window into the cat room.  Various cats have sat here over the years.  Cobby (White albino, rescued from vet school test lab) Tess, and most recently Buster.  With this placement, they can lounge belly to the glass and feel a part of meals.  I love her cats enough to want them near my meals.  But fear them enough to appreciate the glass.

Manuel Aragon